Willoughby – Before

Willoughby – After

Name:Willoughby (Wills)Born:2010
Height:12.3 handsBreed:Unknown


Willoughby was found by the RSPCA upside down in a ditch – the RCPCA Officer later said the she thought he was dead and could not understand how he survived.

After being assessed by the vet, Willoughby was brought to the Epona Trust for care – he had pneumonia, malnutrition and a dangerous worm burden. We dressed him in one of Carol’s jumpers and Verity’s socks to keep him warm – nothing else fitted him. Willoughby was so ill he could not stand up and it took 4 people to lift him every 2 hours. It was a long and slow road to recovery that took many years.

Latest Update

Due to his difficult start in life, Willoughby suffered “hyperflexion” in his hind fetlocks which means that he cannot jump and only carries children and small adults.

Willoughby enjoys being out with the herd, bossing everyone around and being pampered by his riders and his non-ridden sponsor.

Willoughby is fully sponsored by Ann.