The Epona Trust – Our Mission

The Epona Trust is a non-profit making organisation which specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of horses and ponies from difficult and challenging backgrounds. These horses and ponies often require dedicated individual care and attention to help them recover from their previous ordeals. We are passionate about helping each horse reach the full potential that it possessed as a foal. The Epona Trust strives to re-establish the ancient bond between horses and people, by working in an ethical and holistic way, embracing new techniques whilst respecting traditional values.


Animals are referred to us by the RSPCA and other rescue agencies, Veterinarians, and equestrian professionals etc. The Epona Trust provides an environment that enables animals that have suffered physically or mentally to recover and enjoy a normal working life.

Part of the rehabilitation process for Epona horses and ponies includes working with special needs groups of adults or children. These sessions can involve riding or ‘contact’ work, (hippotherapy).

Epona horses and ponies are housed in a family owned and run stable, and convalesce in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. A key part of this is linking each animal with a sponsor, who through TLC and regular riding, establishes a bond that will help erase memories of a traumatic past.

The Epona Trust is based at Russells Equestrian Centre in Southampton. We are not associated with any other organisations with the same name.