Felicity – Before

Felicity – After

Name:Felicity (Fliss)Born:2000
Height:14 handsBreed:New Forest x Cob
Gender:MareColour:Pale Chestnut


Felicity was a RSPCA case. She had been turned out into a large field when she was a young foal and a headcollar had been left on her. When she was finally caught a year later, her head had grown and the headcollar was embedded in her skull. This caused a large amount of damage to all the soft tissue on her face. The headcollar had to be surgically removed and the grooves and scars are still visible.

Having so many months in terrible pain, Felicity was very unbalanced in her movement. When eventually her wounds were healed and she was old enough to start being trained, she had great difficulty adjusting to a rider’s weight. We had to be very slow and patient with her so that she learned gradually what she needed to do.

Latest Update

Felicity was confident once she found her balance and had many years teaching riders and enjoying her working life.

Felicity was retired from the riding school in 2021 due to arthritis and is now enjoying her life as a lady of leisure and being pampered by her sponsor.

Felicity is fully sponsored by Lorrie.