Height:14 handsBreed:Gypsy Cob Type


When Bandit was 18 months old, he was kept out in the open on a tether chain. Unfortunately, he got the chain wrapped around himself and his ear was trapped and very badly damaged. His owner did not treat the injury and when infection set in, the RSPCA became involved and brought Bandit to the Epona Trust.

He was very wild and difficult to handle, and it took some time for the ear to heal. We did lots of work with Bandit to calm him down during the year that he was with us while the RSPCA prosecuted his owner. When the prosecution was finally successful in 2010, Bandit was signed over to the Epona Trust. Bandit spent a year turned out to grow up and forget his horrible early experiences. He settled down after running with the herd and became a much calmer pony.

Latest Update

Bandit is now happily working in the school and enjoys hacking out, the comforts of living in a stable and being pampered by his sponsor.

Bandit is fully sponsored by Ben.