Name:AshBorn:Late 2008
Height:13.3 handsBreed:New Forest


Ponies should not be given as presents. As a foal Ash ended up living in a shed in someone’s garden, and being inappropriately fed. This was due to her being a gift to a child that eventually lost interest.

Ash came to us suffering from parasitic worms and was traumatised from being kept isolated and alone. Ash was handed over to the RSPCA by her previous owners as they were not able to manage her and was in poor condition when she came to us. The Epona Trust took her on and we initially kept her with another rescue to get over her loneliness. She then joined our herd and began her training.

Latest Update

Ash has grown into a successful riding pony popular with both children and small adults and has been a member of the school for many years.

Ash is half sponsored by Lottie and half sponsored by Caroline and Chris.