Height:14.2 handsBreed:New Forest


Murray was an old-fashioned forester – he had the big head and strong jaws that are necessary for ponies who live on gorse during the winter months in the New Forest.

Murray was not particularly quick witted so when he was first asked to pick his feet up to be trimmed by the Farrier, he panicked thinking that he would fall over. The Farrier got angry with him and hit and kicked him, until he was terrified.

Fortunately, someone saw this happen and took Murray away and brought him to us. But the damage had been done and Murray was very distrustful of people. He hated being in a stable because he thought that he might be beaten again. Because of this Murray always needed to be sedated by the vet for the farrier to trim his feet.

‘Murray-too-good-to-hurry’ became his nickname as it took a whole year to train him to carry a rider and to listen to what he was told to do.

Murray went on to become a very valued member of our teaching team over many years and he specialised in working with Autistic children and small adults, with whom he seemed to have an understanding.

Latest Update

We sadly lost Murray on 20 December 2022 at the grand old age of 32!

As part of the yard for so many years and loved by so many people he truly was a legend and will be very sorely missed.