Height:15.2 handsBreed:Cob


Jake came to the Epona Trust through our vet. He had a damaged liver and illnesses due to an EHV (Equine Herpes Virus) vaccination. He nearly died and his owner could no longer manage him and the rising costs.

Jake also had mud fever scars on his legs that needed continual treatment.

Jake taught many riders over the years that he was with the Epona Trust – from working with riders with special needs to jumping clinics.

Jake became semi-retired in his late 20s. He still worked in the school but no longer jumped and was on restricted hours of work.

Latest Update

We sadly lost Jake on 16 May 2023.

At the grand old age of nearly 30 he had surpassed all expectations – having come to us with his skin and liver problems. With careful management and lots of love he flourished. He was part of the yard (and many a story around the fire) for 15 years! Loved by so many people young and old he truly was a legend and will be greatly missed.